Second Chance Checking Accounts in Your Town

Second chance checking accounts are checking accounts for people who can not get a checking account due to being listed in the ChexSystems and/or Early Warning Systems (EWS) database. It is estimated that there are almost 20 million American consumers that do not have a checking account due to their listings with one of the account verification services. This means that they have no where to deposit their paycheck, social security check or tax refunds. The un-banked Americans have to got through annoyances and inconveniences just to pay the bills every month.

Get Banking Today provides a free directory of local banks and credit unions that either offer second chance checking accounts or non ChexSystems banks that do not use one of these account verification services when opening an account. These are real banks in your local area that are FDIC insured and should have check writing and debit card privileges. We also provide a listing of several prepaid credit cards options should you not be able to get one of the available second chance checking accounts or choose not to do business with a bank at this time.

Before applying for a second chance checking account, there are some things you need to know.

The first thing you should be aware of is that you will need to have all monies owed to past banks. I know this may be expensive, but this will be a requirement at 99.9% of the banks offering second chance checking opportunities. If you cant afford to do this right now, at least get yourself a prepaid card so that you can manage your money. You can compare prepaid credit cards here.

The second thing to know is that this may be a little intimidating, but do not let it be. Just relax and you will be fine.

The third thing to know is that you should not volunteer any information. What I mean is do not go in saying you want are looking for a second chance checking account or your listed in Early Warning Systems. Doing so could set off alarms and cause you not to be approved, when you may have been able to get an account. Do not lie, because they can tell by their computer network if they run a check on you but only give information if asked and not before.

Best Banking Alternative

Below is the best guaranteed second chance checking opportunities available at this time and offers 100% Guaranteed Approval and is the most financially responsible option available at this time.

Account Now – Best Banking Alternative Available – Simply the most affordable and best banking alternative available! Account Now offers great features such as low fee structure, FDIC insured, online bill pay and they offer 100% guarantee approval (simply complete the application in full). Get more info and apply here

ATTENTION – Before applying for any second chance checking account opportunities you find, please keep in mind that all decisions are made solely by the bank or credit union and are based solely upon their current business needs, your current financial situation and other aspects that are beyond our control.